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Khaniqin is a Kurdish city located close to the Iraq-Iran border. It is an important commercial gateway and contains traces of various ancient civilizations. Although many areas have already beenexcavated by the University of Chicago, several sites remain unexplored. Khaniqin has a diverse population and people from different denominations, tribes, and clans peacefully coexist in the city. Mosques, churches and temples from different religions can all be found in Khaniqin, where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together for centuries. As well as being a fertile agricultural area, the city is also rich in minerals and oil. Nearby Alawand River has long provided inspiration for local writers and poets. Sartakbamo Sartakbamo is a beautiful touristic area, 60 km from the center of Khanaqin. Tourists and locals visit this area for its scenic views.
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