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GPS Coordinates: 36.656159, 44.536300

Soran is situated in the triangular area between Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Several major mountain ranges surround the area, including the mountains of Hendrin, Zozik, Hassen Bak, Bradust and Korek. The area has two main rivers, one that flows to Haji Umran on the Iranian borer, and another that follows the path to the Mergasor region.

Gullan Park
Gulan Park is 3 km from the center of Soran and contains fun rides for children and families to enjoy. Its beautiful views also attract tourists year round.

Bradost Mountain
This site is located 66 km north-northeast of Erbil and 115 km southeast of Dohuk. The site can be reached by taking the main road north from Erbil and following the road towards Barzan. The mountain has an altitude of 389 to 1345m.Climbing the Bradost is absolutely breath taking. Novice hikers will be pleased to learn that one side of the mountain is not as steep as its other challenging side, therefore its easy to climb and hike at your own pace. The name Bradost, literally means “close friend”, and has remained a close friend of the Kurdish people during their struggles against oppressive regimes.
As you reach the peak of the mountain, you are taken back with adrenaline and excitement, hikers will notice that one side of the mountain has sudden drop and a deep valley. The drop leads directly into a large deep valley. Only when you reach the top of the mountain do you truly experience the majestic grandeur of Bradost. The mountain covers a wonderful area in all seasons and provides an unforgettable experience.

Bestoon Cave
This cave has an impressive history, dating back to the Stone Age. It is believed that the Neanderthal people used to reside within this cave.  To access this site, one must drive either on the road through Spilk Mountain towards Khallan or from the Kali Ali Bag Strait by the westbound road between Hawdian and Sardaw. This cave has not been excavated to date.

Ali Begg Valley
Situated around 95 km from Erbil, off the road to Soran, this valley lies between the Korek and Bradost Mountains. It is 12 km long with spectacular views, such as springs and waterfalls. The famed Gali waterfall is located in this valley which is a popular site for tourists from all around the country to visit. There is also several restaurants and cafes near the valley built to accommodate visitors.

Barsireen Bridge
On the road between Soran and Haji Omran, the bridge was constructed inside the village of Barsireen and is used by pedestrians to cross between the two sides of the village. Soran enjoys a wonderful climate and gushing springs.

Alana Valley
Alana Valley sits just 15 Km from Khalifan, Visitors marvel at the surrounding forests and enjoy the cool river that goes through Alana. Visitors relax and soak in the natural sounds of heir surroundings, such as the sound of the river gushing by or the birds singing. 

Mulkan valley
This valley is in the extension area of the Korek mountain range.  It offers  beautiful nature, clean spring water, green trees as well as cafetarias to escape the warm summer heat. The Valley is 25 km from Khalifan and 125 km from Erbil City.

Sidekan streams
Multiple streams of various sizes run through the area of Sidekan. The area provides amazing views in the summer, including snow-capped mountains emerging from wide green expanses.

Kani Spring
Kani spring, known as Kani Maran, is located west of Soran on the main highway between Erbil and Soran, 92 km from Erbil city.


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