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Gird-Astera Park
Gird-Astera Park is located 8 km north of the village of Zarawa. A branch of the Zarawa River runs through the park and flows into the Zey-i Bechuk, or Little River, which lies west of Zarawa. The park is beautifully set against the lush green folds of nearby mountain peaks. The park is popular with visitors from the Bashdar area and eastern Kurdistan. During the annual Nawruz festival, music, traditional Kurdish dress and the smell of warm, delicious food make this a top attraction for both locals and tourists.

Mamend Park
Mamend Park is located 5 km northeast of Qala Dez. The park lies in a fertile green valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains on all sides. This striking feature not only makes for breathtaking views but also invites crisp, invigorating mountain air into the deepest parts of the valley. Another stunning aspect of the park are its many ponds that are open to the public to enjoy.

Dushan Park
Dushan Park is located in the village of Hero, about 29 km form the center of Qala Dez. A beautiful oasis, it is adorned by flowers and trees that ensure the temperature is always at least 10 degrees cooler than surrounding areas. A cascade of water flows down the mountains into the gently running rivers and visitors can often be seen dipping their feet into the cool water to escape the heat and relax.

Mezinan Valley
Located 15 km north of Sangaser, Mezinan Valley is a place of historical and archaeological significance and is home to several ancient religious shrines. A must-see for those wanting to explore the history of the locality.

Shrine of Sheikh Faraj
The Shrine of Sheikh Faraj is located in the village of Dawdiay, about 14 km from the sub-district of Bashdar. Sheikh Faraj was a highly respected elder and his shrine is still a popular place for locals to visit. Set under the shelter of a lone cascading tree and etched with careful craftsmanship, the shrine is a draw for artists and poets seeking inspiration and also for people hoping for miracle cures for illnesses, especially fertility issues.

Bekau Park
Beautiful Bekau Park lies 29 km from the center of Hero village. Bursting with the scent of roses and an assortment of flowers and trees, the park is an ideal destination for family outings.

Gulan Park
Gulan Park is 10 km north of Qala Dez. Set on acres of green fields and rolling hills, the park is a popular springtime destination.

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