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GPS Coordinates: 37.046305, 43.339090

Sarsing is a touristic town on the northern side of Gara Mountain, just 50 km northeast of Duhok. The town has many trees and lies at the foot of the mountain. There are hotels, motels, restaurants, and a large market. King Faysal built a castle in Sarsing, which is open to visitors. Other touristic towns, including Ashawa, Anishki, and Sulav, are nearby.

Gara Mountain
Gara Mountain is located northeast of Duhok and its peak reaches 2,150 meters above sea level. A paved road leads all the way to the peak and gives a great view over Sarsing and other touristic towns at the foot of the mountain. Saddam Hussein enjoyed this area and built a palace at the top of the mountain. Today it’s a ruin with little left of its former glory; nevertheless, it’s worth a visit to see a fragment of recent history.

Swaratuka Village
Swaratukia is a beautiful resort 32 km northeast of Duhok. It is 1,075 meters above sea level and trees surround the village, creating a green and refreshing environment. The mountain views are stunning and the air is fresh. The village has a restaurant, cafes, and picnic areas.

Inshki Cave
The cave is located 9 km north of Sarsing. Surrounded by trees and cafes, the picnic area is an excellent place for families to relax. A stone staircase leads to the cave, where water drips from the ceiling, creating a natural fountain and a refreshingly cool environment inside the cave.  A trip to Inshiki Cave makes for an enjoyable retreat, particularly during hot summer days.

Ashawa Resort
Ashawa resort is 4 km west of Sarsing at the foot of Gara Mountain. A long canal, lined with trees on both sides, makes a great place for picnics. There are cabins available for tourists to rent and a children’s playground is located behind a local dam. It is a popular place for tourists who visit year after year.

Zawita Canyon
You can find the canyon 16 km Northeast of Duhok, on the road towards Sarsing and Amedi. The location is 850 meters above sea level with many trees, which gives it a special natural beauty. Some recreational facilities such as restaurants, picnic places, water etc. are available in the valley with a cool climate. Restaurants offer fresh and delicious fish.


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