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Official Site of Board of Tourism of Kurdistan - Iraq

Our website aims at the provision of extensive information focusing on the Kurdistan region, its civilization, culture, society and traditions, which makes this website an adequate information source for tourists who wish to visit Kurdistan.

 Board of Tourism
 Board of Tourism took the task in managing and marketing Travel and Tourism in the Kurdistan Region as well as introducing it to the world; this by implementing many comprehensive activities to attract tourists to the region and contribute to boost the region's economy. The board also works toward establishing new contacts with the whole world in developing new projects in the region. One of the main objectives of the organisation is to preserve and restore the tourist attractions and region's heritages. The board is one of the main factors in developing the region as tourist place as well as a base to learn its culture. The board has strong faith in delivering its objectives successfully and contributes in developing the region's Travel and Tourism in a variety of fields such as holiday vacations, health treatment, sport events, religion, tourist attractions, heritage sites, historical places and educational vocations.

Kurdistan Region is a global tourist destination characterized by natural beauty and authenticity of culture..

Develop the administrative framework for marketing and planning of the tourism sector, strengthening partnerships with the private sector and local communities, to develop services , destinations and tourism facilities in accordance with international quality standards.