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About Kurdistan


Kurds are tolerant in general and known for their respect for other cultures and religions.

The majority of the people in the Kurdistan Region are Sunni Muslims. There are also a large number of Christians of different churches, such as Syrian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenian and Catholic Chaldean. Thousands of Christian families have fled violence and threats in other parts of Iraq and found refuge in the Kurdistan Region. They are welcomed here with open arms.

A religion that is practiced only in Kurdistan is Yazidism, which has tens of thousands of adherents. Followers of this believe go on pilgrimage to Lalish, a holy place situated in the Shekhan district in the Nineveh province. The Kakai faith is also practiced in the region. Kakai are Shia Kurds and just like Yezidi’s they also believe in reincarnation.

The Kurdistan Regional Government protects people’s freedom to practice their religion and promotes inter-faith tolerance.