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GPS Coordinates: 36.396896, 44.343438

Shaqlawa is a popular holiday destination located between the Safeen and Sork mountains. Known as the Pride of Kurdistan, Shaqlawa has an abundance of waterfalls, springs, trees, and  greenery. Its beautiful nature and climate attract tourists from across Iraq and abroad most weekends and by dusk the streets are full of visitors strolling through the peaceful streets, window shopping, snacking from street vendors, or enjoying one of the town’s many restaurants.
Most the population of Shaqlawa are Kurds and Assyrians who belong to the Chaldean Church. So traditionally the city has a multicultural, peaceful, tolerant society and is friendly towards foreigners.

Shrine of Raban Boya (Sheikh Wso Rahman)
The ancient shrine of Raban Boya overlooks Safeen Mountain valley, opposite the town of Shaqlawa. The shrine lies an hour’s walk up the mountain and is popular amongst religious pilgrims.

Swedish Tourism Village
Located in the Shaqlawa area, this resort offers its guests a taste of the simple country life with a Swedish twist. Accommodations include comfortable cabins and villas with breathtaking views of the mountain scenery and green surroundings.

Cemetery of Sheik Hira
The cemetery is located on a hill in the center of Hiran village and is reserved for Sheikhs or Mullahs of the Naqshabandi order. At the Hiran Hospice, where the ancestors of Safi Hiran are buried, dervishes and other congregants practice their Sufi rituals during holy celebrations. Pilgrims visit the shrine to ask the Sheikhs for intervention and to bless and their wishes.

Just 23 km from Shaqlawa and 70 km from Erbil, verdant Hiran provides shade and cool breezes for its many visitors and is home to traditional shops selling souvenirs, food, and drink.

Khanzad Citadel
Khanzad Citadel is just 22 km from Erbil, off the road to Shaqlawa. Princess Khanzad and her brother, Prince Suleiman Beg, built the castle during the Soran Emirate of the 16th century. Made of stone and gypsum, it has kept much of its original structure and remains a stunning archeological site.

Dwayne Castle
Dwayne Castle is located on a strategic road on the western side of Mount Serbn. Dating back to the Soran Emirate of the 16th century, the castle is set high on the mountain and is surrounded by a number of orchards.



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