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ATBT Safari Kurdistan is the first ATV guided company in Iraq and Kurdistan which was  established in 2020 in shaqlawa.The distance from Erbil to the projects camp is only 30 km in distance.

The main activity is an ATV tour through the vast nature of Kurdistan.

The tour is being held in groups, each group consists of 7-10 riders.

Starting at the camp,the path distance of the tour is 7-8 km which will lead you through the nature of Kurdistan for 90 minutes.

With every tour, 2 experienced and trained guides will be leading the way and make sure all customers arrive safely at the finishing point.

This activity is operating in all four seasons in which each customer will experience a different ride as well as different charecteriscs of the nature.

Contact Information

korek / WhatsApp / 07517045593
Asia / 07714496222