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Korek Chairlifts

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Korek Chairlifst are situated 110 kilometers northeast of Erbil. It starts between Rawandooz and Bekhal Summer Resort, to the peak of Korek Mountain. The cable cars are 4 kilometers long with a height of 75 meters. On Korek Mountain, there is a resort that includes a restaurant, a café, a sky glider, an ice skating area, a playground, and a free parking lot. Needless to say that the area includes 37 motels. Korek Mountain is 2115 meters above sea level. It is covered with a large amount of snow in winter seasons and in summer, temperatures do not exceed 25 Celsius degrees.

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It is situated 110 Km northeast Erbil
between Rawanduz town and Bekhal
+ (0) 9647504479897

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