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Erbil Zoo: It is a national and local tourism and investment project, one of the largest zoos in the Middle East in terms of area, diversity, number and types of animals from private sector projects. It is a project for the preservation of local and imported animals, birds, plants and local and foreign herbs, and the project aims to preserve and take care of various types of animals, birds, plants and rare herbs in order to protect them and establish natural reserves for them and work on their multiplication.

Ownership of the project: Group of Company 77 and Al-Tayyar Company (Hirsh zadeh Al-Tayyar)

Zoo area: 200 acres

Project start date: 12/28/2010

Project opening date: 05/15/2020


Type of animals: There are 180 different species of rare domestic and foreign animals, birds and reptiles in the park. The Erbil Zoo is the twin of the Hamburg Zoo. The Erbil Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the Middle East and the only center in all parts of Iraq for the breeding of animals, after signing a protocol in this regard. Between the Ministry of Environment of the Iraqi central government and the Erbil Zoo. Under the supervision and knowledge of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Zoo sections

  • A protected area for predators with an area of ​​110 acres
  • The protected area for animals that feed on plants, with an area of ​​60 dunums
  • A protected area for zebras, with an area of ​​23 acres
  • A protected area for birds with an area of ​​20,000 cubic meters
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Forest Hall with an area of ​​1200 square meters
  • Private car park
  • Erbil mini hall with an area of ​​1200 square meters
  • Five Egyptian bird towers to provide shelter for 120,000 pigeons
  • Animal Hotel (special accommodation for animals)
  • Theme Park with water park and swimming pools
  • The largest shopping center for the sale of various types of animals and birds and the various needs of animals and birds
  • A hotel and a tourist motel
  • Restaurants, cafeterias and kiosks selling visitors' requirements
  • Multiple artificial lakes
  • Drift car racing arena
  • Museum of Stuffed Animals


Contact Information

Address: Iraq - Erbil = Koya Road = Kasnazan Heights

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