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When to go?

When to go? That is the question. Kurdistan is unique within the Middle East. Visitors experience all the four seasons in its utter most beauty.

Therefore the question still remains... When should you visit Kurdistan? Well, that depends on your mood and interests. Some visit in the spring, the time for the Kurdish New Year (Newroz) to witness the green lush hills and mountains that define Kurdistan. Spring is the best time to witness 'green Kurdistan', temperatures are neither cold nor hot, a perfect time to visit the countryside and enjoy fresh air.

Whilst summer offers great weather for months on end, it’s a perfect time to top up your tan and soak in the local culture and customs.

Autumn is a time of great beauty within Kurdistan, it is also presents a good temperature, neither is it cold or warm during the start of autumn. It is still a great time to go on picnics.

Winter is a special time in Kurdistan. Kurds and other nationalities, especially Iraqis escape to the snowcapped mountains of Kurdistan to witness a scene they have not witnessed in Iraq, such a site can only be experienced in Kurdistan. It’s also a time for skiing and other winter related activities, most notably the new ski resort that has just been opened in Kurdistan.