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Erbil Province

Erbil city is the capital of Kurdistan Region Government, the oldest city with continuous residentially. This city is regarded as one of the most deep-rooted Governorate in the area, its history begins before A.D. The city is located at the height of 418 m sea level, in accordance with historical references, the city was established 6000 prior to A.D. The name of Erbil city has been found in the Somarian transcripts (with different shapes and Somarian Alphabetic) ; such as (Urbilam, Arbil, Urbl and Arba Ilo) . The city was the main station for The God Ashtar which was the main goddess which was worshiped at that era. 
Most of the historians and researchers have studied the history of this important city, which is regarded an important subject for many artists, history studiers and other researchers even in urope. The city is a key element for eastern part and Kurdistan Region defining.

Geographical Data:

Erbil city is located east to Sulaymanyah Governorate and it is only 350 km from Baghdad. The city is surrounded by Nineveh from west and Kirkuk city from east and Iran and Turkey from North. 

Total Area of the city : 15214 Km2 

There are two Museum, this first one is Erbil citadel museum, which is located in the citadel. It contains about 40 antique parts and ancient heritages. The second one is Erbil museum which includes about 5000 ancient parts, which deep-rooted in the history.

Malls and Supermarkets:
The city has 8 modern malls with most modern international brands and trading marks. 

Health care and treatments: 
There are many sophisticated medical centers and health care offices in the city. The city also has body building centers and weight losing halls. 

There are many embassies in the city such as the embassy of Russia, UK, Irelands, France, Turkey, German, Republic of Iran, USA, Egyptian, Japan, honor embassy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Egyptian Trade Center.



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