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Jelly River

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Jelly River

The Jelly River is 75 kilometers northeast of Erbil and 24 kilometers from Koy Sanjaq. It passes through Smaqoli valley, which is located 21 kilometers northwest of the city. It is 600 meters above sealevel and features stunning landscapes which spread wide and far through a vast valley covered with orchards and trees.

This well is widely visited for the purpose of several skin disease remedy and also for rheumatic illnesses and back, neck pains. The flow size exceeds 12 inches and has a constant temperature of 38 Celsius. There are two pools: one is 6x6 meters and the other is circular with a diameter of 2 meters. 

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This river lies 95 Km northeast and 24 Km from Koya with a 600m altitude

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