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Religious tourism in Kurdistan

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The coexistence of different religious and ethnic groups in Kurdistan Region, paired with its security and stability, has helped the religious tourism sector develop by attracting a large and increasing number of religious tourists from around the world. Foreign tourists who have traveled to Kurdistan Region and visited the religious attractions appreciate the efforts made by the Kurdistan Region's leadership to create a safe and secure environment.

While the existence of many ethnic and religious groups in the Region gives color, variety and an image of a multicultural identity locally, it has also been a major of attraction for foreign visitors.

The reason behind these developments in the religious tourism sector are the security, stability and economic development and the Region's welcoming character. Religious tourists can visit, temples, mosques and churches in all the Kurdistan Region. The three provinces of Kurdistan.

Statistics from the Kurdistan Regional Government's Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs show that more than one million tourists visited the Region's religious attractions, including Islamic, Christian, Yezidi and Kakai sites.

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