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The Head of the General Board of Tourism receives Focsive, the Italian organisation

March 10, 2021

Ms. Amal Jalal the Head of the General Board of Tourism wuth the presense of a number directors in the premises of the General Board of Tourism Mr. Ivano Borsto the Head of Focsive. The Head of the General Board of Tourism expressed her great happiness with this meeting. Mr. Ivano shed the light on the importance of Tourism in general and the progress being achieved in Italy in this respect. Referring to the existence of 78 organisations wirhin the federation. The reason behind this visit is to enhance the relationships between the KR and Italy. The Head of the General Board of Tourism thanked the organisation for the support being presented referring to some issues and ideas that might develop the tourism sector in the Region especially how to get benefit from the Italian experience and how that reflects on the nature and history of it. She also referred to the possibility of raising awareness and developing the human resources, tourism education and making the archaeological sites tourist places. In the end she proposed the idea of twinning two cities one in Italy and the other in Kurdistan.

The Head of the organisation decided as a first step to hold an electronic seminar between both Italian and Kurdish tourist experts and taking the needed steps for practical field work.