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The Head of the General Board of Tourism of KRG receives an invitation to visit Iran

June 30, 2021

Ms. Amal Jalal the Head of the General Board of Tourism of KRG received the Consul of the Islamic republic of Iran and the accompanied delegation. In the beginning of the meeting he congratulated the Head of the General Board of Tourism for the new position. The talked about Covid 19 and its effects. Also the need for coordination between thr GB of Tourism and Asfahan province and exchanging delegations. They talked also about the closeness of both culture and heritage and the importance of paying a visit to Asfahan in Iran to promote the tourist relations between both parties. There was a special thanks to the minister of agriculture Ms. Bedard Talabani for her vital role between the tourism of Kurdistan and Iran's especially in both Asfahan and Sheraz. Also the talked about the coexistence in the Region as you can find different religious sites and places and many other attractive tourist places. They proposed the opening of a centre for handy made crafts for women in the Region and making use of the Iranian experience in different archaeological aspects. The issue of scholarships was raised and the possibility of of providing the kurds students with seat in the university for Master and PH degrees. There was also a suggestion to remove the visas for kurds tourists when the visir Iran. Finally the Consul invited the Head of the General Board of Tourism of KRG to visit Iran in the nearest convenience.